Caring Through Education & Service


The Delta County Memorial Hospital Foundation, formed in 2001, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting the mission of the Delta County Memorial Hospital: To be the people’s first choice for accessible, high-quality health services, and to enhance the well-being of those we serve. The Foundation raises and administers funds for Delta County Memorial Hospital for projects, equipment purchases and provides support for employees to pursue healthcare related careers through scholarship funds and continuing education classes.

Over the years, the DCMH Foundation has provided more than $360,000 in scholarships, $44,000 in state-of-the-art equipment for the hospital and $25,000 in donations to area organizations advancing healthcare for our community.

The DCMH Foundation is made possible through fundraising events, contributions of individuals, and community organizations that seek to make Delta County and the surrounding areas healthier for their families and friends for years to come.

Milestone contributions from the Foundation:


-$10,150 to build DCMH West Elk Clinic Hotchkiss
-$24,000 in new equipment purchases


-$10,000 CU Medical School’s Rural Track Program which helps bring a third year medical student to our community for a three month residency
-$3,500 to the North Fork Ambulance
-$2,370 for DCMH training and educational equipment


-$3,200 to the North Fork Ambulance

Delta County Memorial Hospital Foundation